(Broadside -MILLINERY)

AU BONNET ROYAL, Sous les Charniers des Saints-Innocens.

“Saragosse” identified himself as a “Marchand Mercier” situated under the Charniers des Saint-Innocens in the middle of the Galerie. As the solid block of printed text tells us, he made and sold all types of “bonnets” including: those of velvets, satin, gold and silver; embroidery; headress for balls, including those made with feathers, tufts, ribbons; bonnets for priests, lawyers and choristers. Not to mention: English pins; silk tassels; silk sashes or belts; paper skull-caps, and much more. The “Saragosse” was located in the vicinity of the charnel houses built against the cemetery wall of the old Cimetière des Innocents (demolished in 1780) a popular site for boutiques and merchants. Today the spot is near Les Halles and the Place Joachim-du Bellay. Rare; we find no example listed in any online catalogues. Early 18th Century French Millinery Broadside Single sheet of laid paper (24 x 18.3 cm).

Original letterpress on laid paper with a few ink marks in margins and on the back; chip measuring 3.10 x 1.5 cm in top margin not affecting border or text.

ID#: 16427
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