• Another image of COMPONIUM PITTORESQUE, by BRÈS, M. (Jean-Pierre).
  • Another image of COMPONIUM PITTORESQUE, by BRÈS, M. (Jean-Pierre).
(Picturesque Landscape)

COMPONIUM PITTORESQUE, Collection De Plusieurs Milliers De Paysages Composés Dans Divers Genres, Accompagnée D’Un Traité Élémentaire Du Paysage.

The very scarce introductory treatise, only, written to accompany 36 plates of landscape elements in this innovative pittoresque game. The game, itself, involves combining three numbered elements or cartons at a time to compose various landscape views. A large number of combinations are possible ( twice as many different landscapes as there are words in the French language, says Brès). The text is offered to instruct on the art of landscape painting, thus creating more interest in the action of the game. So, the different components of landscape are described: rocks, terrain, clouds, skys, trees, moonlight, chapels, towers, churches, etc. with suggestions for their arrangement to maximum effect. Also, there is discussion of line, mass, light and perspective. Finally, Brès provides a two sided chart at the end of the text which he calls a “Tableau Synoptique des Objets Que Le Paysagiste Doit Étudier, Et Des Peintres Qui Ont Excellé En Traitant Chacun D’Eux.” This is,thus, an art instruction manual on its own. Brès had designed a similar game, the first MYRIORAMA ( this based on scenes from Antiquity),and it was almost immediately imitated abroad - most notably, an English version by John HeavisiderClark,MYRIORAMA: A COLLECTION OF MANY THOUSAND LANDSCAPES,1824. Although we have seen the plates from COMPONIUM PITTORESQUE on the market, we have not seen it offered with this accompanying treatise. On OCLC we find a copy of this treatise, alone, at Wurttembergische Landesbibliothek and in CCfr, a copy of the treatise only at Bibliothèque Forney. Querard p. 502. A table-top “voyage pittoresque” Querard p.502 In 18 (19 x 12.2 cm); 68 pp. + 1 folding chart printed on both sides.

Original decoratively printed paper covers, darkened; spine mostly perished sewing firm, but some separation in gutters; light to moderate foxing to text.ll

ID#: 16553
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