BRADLEY'S GRADED COLOR PORTFOLIO by (Children's Art Education) DAWSON, Kathryn…

BRADLEY'S GRADED COLOR PORTFOLIO by (Children's Art Education) DAWSON, Kathryn Grace.

BRADLEY'S GRADED COLOR PORTFOLIO Outline of Work for 1st, 2d and 3d Grades.

Springfield Milton Bradley Company (1908). "In the 1880s, Bradley began to develop the color materials that would lead SCHOOL ARTS MAGAZINE to dub him the 'god-father of color instruction.'" (Blaszczyk, THE COLOR REVOLUTION p. 48). By the early years of the 20th century, Bradley was busy supplying tools for art and color instruction such as this BRADLEY'S COLOR PORTFOLIO written by Kathryn Dawson. (It is pictured in THE COLOR REVOLUTION, pp. 48-49.) Dawson's choice of crayon exercises rather than watercolours for younger children demonstrates a sincere attention to childhood artistic development: "The child in these grades has a wider and surer sweep with the crayon than with the brush, and therefore gains more freedom and has more control over the little hand." The coloured scenes in the plates offered for copying and the instructions in the little text thus emphasize strokes - sideward, outward, etc.- which Dawson asserts will later be used on form. This item seems to be rare: In OCLC we find only one copy of the portfolio for the 7th and 8th grades in the US, but we do not find this one for these earlier grades. + Stapled pamphlet, 17.2 x 11.2 cm; 16 pp., including title page; 12 colour plates numbered I through XII (of which 5 measure 23 x 15.3 cm and 7 measure 12 x 15) plate XI is cut in half to display different images; + 6 unnumbered plates measuring 12 x 15 cm. with original printed colour envelope portfolio soiled, chipped and torn.

All in excellent condition but for the portfolio envelope which has closed tears, soiling and lacks the closure flap.
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