RAJAH CLOTH. Fast Colors/Double Strength.

The cover of this brochure containing 6 dyed cotton cloth samples features a lively paste-down illustration in colours showing an imaginary landscape combinging aspects of a desert oasis and Indian architect, as well as a top border in an Indian motif. This exotic presentation was designed for a salesman’s sample book of cloth for sale featuring paisley-style patterning with backgrounds in green, brown, and blue, ornamented with red, pink, yellow and paler blue accents. The paisley design developed popularity in the west dduring the 18th and 19th centuries as a result of example brought from India ( although the origina of the design is Persian). These samples are lightweight and in beautiful condition, are bound double-folded and measure 12.5 12 cm. approximately. We have not found any copies of this sample booklet recorded in OCLC.

Brass-stapled pamphlet, 19.6 x 12.3 cm. with cloth spine; boards scuffed, browned, and indented at one small spot, but tipp-on paper label measuring 15.3 x 10.2 cm. is very good. Thelabel has a space at the bottom for NO. and YDS., with “Hawker 656” rubber stamped in the blank space. Blank sheet inside bears offset impression of cloth pattern designs; cloth samples fine with original small manuacturer’s numbering labels in upper right corners.

ID#: 16767
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